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Combat Air Forces Adversary Air, Kingsley Field ANGB

The purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide dedicated contract adversary air (ADAIR) sorties to improve the quality of training and readiness of pilots of the 173rd Fighter Wing located at Kingsley Field ANGB, Oregon.  By providing a dedicated contract ADAIR capability, F-15 trainees and instructor pilots would gain more realistic air-to-air training during their training syllabus tasks. Dedicated contract ADAIR would also allow the unit to free up resources used to self-generate ADAIR and more effectively use those available flying hours. Additionally, other Air Force (4th generation) units that are tasked to provide ADAIR training support at Kingsley Field could ecapitalize valuable flying hours to focus on increasing their own levels of proficiency and readiness.

This environmental assessment has been prepared pursuant to provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act, Title 42 United States Code Sections 4321 to 4347, implemented by Council on Environmental Quality Regulations, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 1500 to 1508, and 32 CFR Part 989, Environmental Impact Analysis Process. Potentially affected environmental resources were identified in coordination with local, state, and federal agencies. Specific environmental resources with the potential for environmental consequences include airspace management and use; noise; safety; air quality; biological resources; land use; socioeconomics – income and employment; environmental justice and protection of children; cultural resources; hazardous materials and waste, contaminated sites, and toxic substances; and transportation.

Public involvement is of primary importance in complying with NEPA, which requires full and honest disclosure of potential environmental impacts to the public.  The public has an important role in providing input during this process to help the NGB make more informed decisions about implementing this proposal.

We have provided on this page the Draft Environmental Assessment and other documents which explain and highlight details of this Combat Air Forces Adversary Air proposal.