Pilot Opportunities

F-15 and F-35The 114th Fighter Squadrons is always looking for the best. They convene boards to evaluate candidates to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training with subsequent assignment to the 173rd Fighter Wing.

For those selected by the 114th Fighter Squadron at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Ore., they will go on to become instructor pilots due to the base's mission... training the best F-15 Eagle pilots.  In the coming years the 114th FS is expected to transition to the F-35.  

Undergraduate Pilot Training

When the 114th Fighter Squadron selects a candidate to attend UPT there are significant differences with other traditional guard units. The squadron is entirely made up of instructor pilots due to the base's mission of training F-15 pilots. In the coming years the 114th FS is expected to transition to the F-35.  The normal flow of events for a UPT hire is to go to officer school (if necessary), complete UPT, complete Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals, complete F-35 Formal Training Unit at Kingsley Field and then perform required seasoning duty at another F-35 unit for three to four years. During this time the candidate must develop the proficiency required of an instructor pilot.

Once the candidate becomes an IP and a pilot position opens in the 114th Fighter Squadron, the candidate returns to the squadron as a full-time instructor pilot. This is a very non-traditional flow and all candidates must be aware of the initial instability in their career during the first four to six years.

Next UPT Hiring Board Date

The date for the next 114th Fighter Squadron Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) Selection Board is June 25-27, 2024.  Electronic application packages are required and must be received by April 30, 2024 via Mil Recruiter or they will not be considered.  

The 114th Fighter Squadron UPT Selection Board selects highly qualified applicants for interviews.  Not all applicants will get an interview.  

Point-of-contact for information regarding Oregon's UPT Selection Board is 1st Lt. Rylan Richard rylan.richard.1@us.af.mil

UPT - TBAS Testing                          

Application content and format are at the discretion of the applicant, however the required information is posted on Mil Recruiter.

General Pilot Training Information

The link provided is an additional resource for generalized information concerning U.S. Air Force UPT.

Link: http://www.baseops.net/archive/archiveupt.html

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