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  • 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron Airmen make ANG history during Joint Patriot North 21 exercise

    Airmen from the 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron out of Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon operated a mobile air traffic control unit during Patriot North 21 at Ft McCoy, Wisconsin, June 2021. PATRIOT 21 is a training exercise designed for civilian emergency management and responders to work with military entities in the same manner that they would during disasters. Fifty-nine different agencies worked together to demonstrate the ability to respond to the aftermath of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake leveling the Mid-West.
  • The U.S. Air Force's ABU dances off

    History will show that the U.S. Air Force once had a unique utility uniform that, no matter our opinions of it, Airmen wore with absolute pride all over the world.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine – Dispelling the Rumors

    Unfortunately, a lot of bad information is being distributed about the COVID-19 vaccines (insert History Channel guy with crazy hair meme: It’s Aliens!). It is reasonable to be concerned but we shouldn’t allow fear to make our decision. The truth is the fastest way out of this pandemic is for everyone to be vaccinated. With the assistance of Dr. Stewart Decker, M.D. at Sky Lakes Medical Center, I was able to compile some facts about the COVID-19 vaccine and answer a few of the questions many people have had.
  • Seeking to understand

    We need to seek to understand each other - by listening to each other and engaging in these challenging conversations. We need to have empathy - by realizing that we should listen more than we talk, and by trying to understand the perspectives of others and why they feel the way they do. We need to have dignity and respect for all - racism and racial bias are unacceptable.
  • Hope in the midst of chaos

    Going into the year of 2020, everyone always says this will be the best year yet or this is the year to really crush some goals. However, 2020 had something totally different in store for all of us.
  • Preparing our team for the COVID fight

    173rd Fighter Wing Commander, Colonel Jeff Edwards shares his thoughts with Team Kingsley on how to stay resilient and prepare for the fight with COVID-19.
  • A Spiritual Response to COVID-19

    The very word “pandemic” sometimes be translated as “Panpanic” as every form of media continues to reinforce the idea that the spread of Covid-19 means global doom. From my perspective as a chaplain, what it really does is limit my ability to think positively, hinder my ability to embrace what is important, and challenges my ability to see the good now and in the future. Yet, it is these things that define spiritual resiliency.
  • National Preparedness Month: How Mental Planning Can Help

    After a decade and a half of working in Emergency Management, both militarily and in the civilian sector, I’ve concluded that a majority of people don’t like talking or hearing about disaster preparedness. There are many reasons the subject has stigma attached to it, including that some people may not want to be seen as “preppers,” or the idea that you can’t prepare for everything so why bother (and that’s what FEMA’s for, right?). I’ve also heard, more often than one may believe, that: “I’m not talking about preparedness because I don’t want the government taking my stuff.”
  • Challenge the status quo, if only to ensure it’s the best way of doing business!

    173rd Fighter Wing Commander, Colonel Jeff. Smith, challenges the Airmen of the wing to break out of the status quo. He encourages the more experienced Airmen to look to the younger generation for a fresh set of eyes on the issues we face every day.
  • Delivery de Comida y Agua

    Airmen from the 270th and 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron provided community support to those affected by Hurricane Maria during a deployment to Ponce, Puerto Rico in October.