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  • 173rd FW to host Sentry Eagle exercise and Open House next year

    The 173rd Fighter Wing will host the 17th Sentry Eagle air-to-air combat exercise July 15 to 19, 2020. Additionally, the public is invited to enjoy a wide variety of fighter aircraft, military operations, and static displays during the Open House on Saturday, 18 July and admission is free.
  • Upgraded readiness: 173rd MXG stocks upgraded mass-casualty first aid kits

    Oregon Governor Kate Brown has challenged organizations across the state to be ready—ready for a possible but, growing likelihood of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake, for other natural disasters like flooding or a Tsunami—essentially for whatever comes our way. The Oregon Air National Guard’s charter for emergency response in the state and the commander-in-chief’s challenge have units like the 173rd Fighter Wing looking for ways to improve overall readiness.
  • 173rd FW builds stronger relationship with Civil Air Patrol

    Two Airman from the 173rd Fighter Wing are working to foster a closer relationship between the wing and the Air Force Auxiliary, better known as the Civil Air Patrol.
  • 173rd FW hosts newly appointed 19th AF Commander

    The new 19th Air Force Commander visited the 173rd Fighter Wing to see firsthand the operations at the schoolhouse providing all of the F-15C air superiority training to the U.S. Air Force, Sept. 10, 2019. U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Craig Wills assumed his command June 13 and prioritized making a visit to the rural, southern Oregon base.
  • National Preparedness Month: How Mental Planning Can Help

    After a decade and a half of working in Emergency Management, both militarily and in the civilian sector, I’ve concluded that a majority of people don’t like talking or hearing about disaster preparedness. There are many reasons the subject has stigma attached to it, including that some people may not want to be seen as “preppers,” or the idea that you can’t prepare for everything so why bother (and that’s what FEMA’s for, right?). I’ve also heard, more often than one may believe, that: “I’m not talking about preparedness because I don’t want the government taking my stuff.”
  • Dave Roever shares his story of Resiliency with Team Kingsley

    On August 28, Dave Roever, a Vietnam War survivor and motivational speaker on resiliency, shared his story with Team Kingsley Airmen
  • Kingsley Field establishes new health and fitness center for Airmen

    The term fitness is everywhere today, from advertisements to hash tags to bookstores; however, there is often a confusion as to how it actually defined. Within the military, fitness represents a balance between readiness and well-being, where each of those two conditions support each other. The 173rd Fighter Wing is starting up a Community Health and Wellness Center (CHAWC) in order to support the health, nutrition, and overall fitness needs of Airmen at Kingsley Field.
  • Oregon Air Guardsman helps critically injured motorist after train collision

    A Kingsley Field Airman found himself responding to a crisis situation recently at the most unexpected time. While on vacation in Duluth, Minnesota in late August, Master Sgt. Osten Coaty, 173rd Logistics Readiness Squadron First Sergeant, was enjoying a dinner train ride with his extended family when he looked out the window of the train to see a small, black car thrown into a stand of trees.
  • 173rd FW SAPR Office hosts state police brief: protecting children in the cyber world

    The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office at the 173rd Fighter Wing initiated a new program called Community Connections, which is bringing members of the community and base Airmen together through various events. These events include a SAPR 5K run, a briefing by the local chapter of the Wounded Warrior Project, and most recently brought two local Oregon State Police Detectives to the base to explain how internet-based crime is affecting local children, Sept. 6, 2019.