Updated form promises increased efficiency for position vacancy announcements

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Emily Copeland
  • 173rd Fighter Wing

A new process at the 173rd Fighter Wing promises to alleviate recurring paper-shuffling when creating Active Guard Reserve position vacancies at the wing, June 4, 2019.

The force support flight has designed a process where each supervisor who needs to fill a position can supply all the necessary information to the hiring authority in Salem, Oregon at higher headquarters, through the updated Form AGO 217.

Previously, this process consisted of an initial email to the force support flight who would generate a form requesting a position vacancy announcement to be created by the hiring authority at Joint Force Headquarters in Salem. This process would then prompt any number of emails between the supervisor and JFHQ to finalize the announcement — thereby saving significant time for both the wing and higher headquarters.

“This entire process was taking a minimum of three months to complete when communication was flowing well,” said Master Sgt. Shane Rabbiosi, the human relations liaison with the 173rd Force Support Flight. “While training and learning about how the process works, Senior Master Sgt. Aimee Whaling and I really brainstormed on how we could make this a quicker step from start to finish, and after deciding what would be more efficient, we proposed the idea to Chief Nguyen.”


In June 2019, Chief Master Sgt. Elaine Nguyen, JFHQ AGR manager, visited Klamath Falls and sat down with the force support flight to discuss the newly proposed process to help streamline position vacancy announcements. This lead to taking the old form 217 and revamping it to now include the duty title, minimum and maximum grade requirements, cross training opportunities, and required AFSC and skill level for position.

“By adding these additional blocks to the form, all of the pertinent information is on the form the first time it gets sent to JFHQ,” said Rabbiosi. “This made it possible to have positions advertised in less than a week.”

Since the new form has been in place, the FSF has successfully advertised three position vacancies and all were completed within two days.

“It’s my job to be an advisor to those who are listing these positions,” said Rabbiosi. “I am always here to provide the resources and help with what the supervisor’s are asking for.”

To request the updated form, contact Mastere Sgt. Shane Rabbiosi at 541-885-6580, DSN: 830-6580, or email at shane.c.rabbiosi.mil@mail.mil.