Team Kingsley Rising Six offers mentorship opportunities

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Jennifer Shirar
  • 173rd Fighter Wing

Ten Airmen attended the First Term Airmen’s Course hosted by the Rising Six over the August drill weekend at the Kingsley Field Fire Department.

“The feedback we received from the Airmen who attended was highly positive,” said Tech. Sgt. Michael Daniel, the Rising Six president. “They appreciated that this wasn’t just another briefing--it was interactive with group activities, and we had a highly engaged group

The First Term Airmen’s Course covered topics such as resiliency and stress management, foundational competencies, communication, intro to finance, as well as education and home buying benefits.

“The Rising Six is a professional development organization with the goal of providing the members of Kingsley Field with continuous learning opportunities,” said Daniel. “We focus on providing courses to expand the knowledge base of the junior enlisted as well as providing supervisors with the information and tools needed to be effective resources for their members.”

The First Term Airmen’s Course is one of many classes the Rising Six hosts. 

“We understand that not all members have the same goals for professional development, as a result, we don’t try to offer a one-size-fits-all briefing overloaded with information,” said Daniel.   “Most of our courses are only one hour and cover a variety of topics.”

Previous classes include SWOT analysis writing and promotion board prep, biography and Memo for Record (MFR) writing, retirement point calculating, and accessing education benefits as a member and or supervisor.

These courses are typically being offered monthly and will be advertised prior to the event.  Signups for events are made through email or phone to the course point of contact.

Daniel pointed out that supervisors can also sign their members up by name or by number of seats their section would like to fill.

“We hold these events because, as a team, we have identified that there is a gap in enlisted professional military education,” said Daniel.  “For many members, it can be several years between ALS, NCOA, and SNCOA, and unless members pursue educational opportunities on their own, there can be a stagnation in professional growth.  Our goal is to help fill those gaps with our courses as well as provide opportunities to learn important topics not taught in PME.”

Daniel said the majority of the course topic are selected because one of our Rising Six team members has a topic they would like to learn more about. “Instead of researching, learning, and keeping the information to themselves, they schedule a class to share with the members of the wing with similar interests.”

Daniel said the Rising Six wants to know what the enlisted force would like to see in future classes.  “If you have a topic you want to learn more about, come talk to us and we can work together to set up a class we can all learn from,” he added.

All Team Kingsley members, E-1 to E-6, are eligible to join the Rising Six.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 1400 in the Mission Support Group conference room. 

“We are a professional development organization and not a volunteer club,” said Daniel.  “Our members are not asked to raise money or give up their free time. We are just a team who wants to better ourselves and those around us through positive interactions and experiential learning.”