173rd Fighter Wing Airmen of the Year for 2015

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The 2015 Airmen of the Year for the 173rd Fighter Wing have been announced.  Congratulations to all of those selected.

173rd Fighter Wing Airman of the Year
Senior Airman Jared Boyer, 173rd Maintenance Squadron

In 2015 Boyer's technical skill directly contributed to cost reduction helping save $10.1 million dollars for the 173rd Fighter Wing. As a leader, Boyer revamped the Avionics security program ensuring $2.3-million in assets were properly stored. He also serves as Chairman of the Junior Enlisted Counsel where he oversaw the efforts of 49 members and various volunteer projects. He led the Junior Enlisted Council to create the first Kingsley Field Duathlon earning $600 for five local charities and the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

He holds a Community College of the Air Force Degree in Avionics Systems Technology and is enrolled in the Business Administration program at the Penn State World Campus. Boyer coaches volleyball as an assistant coach with the Oregon Institute of and conducts a volleyball camp for more than 100 students in the offseason.

173rd Fighter Wing Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year
Staff Sergeant Derik J. Trumbull, 173rd Maintenance Squadron

In 2015, Trumbull helped overcome a 33-percent manpower shortage in his section by working both the inspection and maintenance elements. He inspected 37,000 lbs. of spent munitions residue rendering material safe for DLA resale, directly resulting in recycling earnings of $18,173 for base moral, welfare, and recreation. Trumbull successfully integrated the first active duty munitions inspector at Kingsley Field, resulting in a 273 line-item product increase.

Trumbull is highly motivated NCO on and off duty; he is currently enrolled in Chemekta Community College and the Community College of the Air Force where he is pursuing two degrees in Securing Munitions and Nursing Technology. He is also a fitness leader, scoring five consecutive scores of 100-percent and mentoring 22 individuals resulting in a 90-percent workplace fitness readiness. Trumbull dedicates 22 hours a month to the Klamath County Sheriff's Office for patrol duties.

173rd Fighter Wing Senior NCO of the Year
Master Sergeant Rene Horne, 173rd Medical Group

In 2015 Horne developed an occupational health tracking tool, streamlining the occupation health exam compliance by six percent. Her management of the occupation health program resulted in maintaining an exam rate above 93-percent. Horne was handpicked by the National Guard Bureau as subject matter expert for a staff assistance visit inspection and was actively recruited to be the next career field functional manager.

She conducted a vertical inspection on the 142nd public health programs, directly resulting in a highly effect rating during their wing Unit Effectiveness Inspection. Horne is also dedicated to self-improvement, working on her master's in Public Health while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. She dedicates her time to the base and community as an avid supporter of base member career progression, wing family day, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

173rd Fighter Wing Field Grade Officer of the Year
Major Dreama K. Hutchison, 173rd Communications Squadron

In 2015 Hutchison expertly managed 33 Airmen and $2.89-million in IT assets to support the 173rd Fighter Wing mission. She utilized limited personnel during the Total Force Integration to complete a $331,000 communications upgrade with zero downtime. Her leadership during a multi-agency $340,000 E911 installation resulted in a 10-percent improvement in emergency response time, meeting the Oregon Governor's suspense.

Hutchison was instrumental in decreasing network vulnerabilities by 25-percent resulting in a top 10 time compliance network order rate in the Air National Guard. She is a decisive commander, reorganizing full time manning resources to ensure healthy force management. Her dedication and professionalism extends into the community as well where she coached local youth volleyball, was a guest speaker for the local Soroptimist group, and helped organized the Triad School "Spring Fling" fostering improved base and community relations.

173rd Fighter Wing Civilian of the Year
Brett Hulstrom, 173rd Civil Engineering Squadron

In 2015 Hulstrom expertly responded to 38 in-flight emergencies and 120 off base emergencies ensuring the safety of on and off base personnel. He is the key member of a three person task force deployed to support central Oregon's Canyon Creek conflagration efforts where he devoted seven successive days delivering fire protection to homes in the Bend and La Pine area. Hustrom was instrumental in to the development and execution of the 2015 Sentry Eagle Action Plan, where coordinated and engaged with multiple agencies and personnel ensuring safe operations for 72 aircraft, 1,300 military member, and 5,000 civilians during the open house.

He led Kingsley Field's participation in the county wide emergency response agency and safety fair showcasing airport firefighting vehicles and educating the public on Kingsley fire and emergency service abilities. Hulstrom developed partnerships with local municipal fire departments for training and actual emergency response bolstering base and community relations. He was key to interagency mass casualty training at Sky Lakes Medical Center which highlighted the agencies mutual prowess.

173rd Fighter Wing First Sergeant of the Year
Master Sergeant Laduska Wright, 270th Air Traffic Control Squadron

In 2015 Wright's actions as the First Sergeant for 270th ATCS helped foster an environment of confidence among young Airmen and bridged the gaps between Director of Psychological Health and State family readiness. Wright has become an anchor for Airmen with behavioral and alcohol issues helping them to locate proper treatment, increasing their wellness and chances for success.

Her dedication to professional development was apparent when she simultaneously attended the in-residence First Sergeant Academy and correspondence Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. Wright led by example when she completed her Community College of the Air Force degree and created a personal plan to accomplish her Bachelors within a year while balancing family and work responsibilities.

173rd Fighter Wing Wingman Award
Master Sergeant Jay Bosse, 173rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Bosse distinguished himself as an exemplary leader during Kingsley Field's 2015 training exercise in Tucson, Ariz. His avionics and First Sergeant expertise helped attain a 98.75-percent maintenance effectiveness rate. Bosse's exceptional leadership shone through during the training exercise when a maintenance issue on a transport aircraft left 45 members stranded; he responded by  procuring transportation, lodging, and meals ensuring every Airman was taken care of.
He is willing to step up when needed; Bosse filled the roll of First Sergeant for both the maintenance group and logistics readiness squadron during a temporary duty yonder. Bosse is a leader in the community, helping lead youth sports programs. He is a go-to advisor for pulse of the personnel and his peer trust ensures they share issues with him to achieve resolution.

173rd Fighter Wing Honor Guard Member of the Year
Senior Airmen Kanee Chocktoot, 173rd Mission Support Group

In 2015 Chocktoot volunteered more than 18 hours of her time performing in 12 retreat details; she demonstrated exceptional leadership during this by leading several six member teams. Her dedication led her to participate in additional training from the Beale Air Force Base Honor Guard, expanding her skill set which she passes on to new members of Kingsley Field's Honor Guard. Her outstanding character and attention to detail ensured the entire honor guard team was fully equipped and ready with serviceable equipment and uniforms.

She volunteered with the Kingsley Field Social Club during Sentry Eagle 2015, helping make the open house and air-to-air exercise a success. Her dedication to the community shows as she volunteered over 20 hours as assistant coach to the Little Kickers soccer team. Chocktoot is always willing to help and add expertise to jobs and personnel, instilling the Air Force core value of excellence in everything she does.

Major General Chester E. McCarty Superior Performance- Operations
Staff Sergeant Thomas Howard, 173rd Operations Group

In 2015 Howard supported 4,700 flying hours, 3,908 sorties, and helped graduate 60 students without delays. He assisted in a $2-million-dollar Aircrew Flight Equipment expansion, increasing AFE's overall mission capability. Thomas maintained protective equipment and ejection systems for more than 60 pilots and 33 F-15s resulting in no sorties lost from AFE failures.

Thomas also demonstrated leadership ability across multiple projects. He maintained 24 ACES II ejection seat drogue/recovery parachutes systems and earned a 100-percent mission readiness during a critical parachute inspection. As one of three qualified Aircrew Flight Equipment Continuation Training Instructors, Thomas taught more than 680 training events enhancing the overall aircrew readiness.

Major General Chester E. McCarty Superior Performance - Maintenance
Senior Master Sergeant Brett Lundberg, 173rd Maintenance Group

Lundberg demonstrated effective leadership and superior maintenance on multiple occasions. Lundberg assisted in identifying several aircraft safety discrepancies including an Air Force level oxygen regulator malfunction on the F-15 airframe. He was handpicked to lead an aircraft inspection team for a runway departure mishap that successfully identified the root cause.

During the 2014 Wing Unit Effectiveness Inspection Lundberg's guidance and expertise helped the wing to achieve a Highly Effective rating. He led the wing to safety milestones, surpassed 65,000 Class-A Mishap-free flying hours highlighting the maintenance group's safety experience. Lundberg is a dynamic Chief Inspector and directs operations across an energetic six Air Force Specialty Code office. He is conscious about self-improvement and he constantly seeking ways to educate himself on the job. He holds a Community College of the Air Force degree in Aerospace Propulsion Technology.

Major General Chester E. McCarty Superior Performance - Knowledge Operations Management
Master Sergeant Aimee Whaling, 173rd Maintenance Group

Whaling epitomizes Total Force Integration by in-processing and tracking 65 Active Duty personnel aiding in seamless integration. She lead the 173rd Fighter Wing in total number of on-time generated reports, awards, and decorations. She coordinated temporary duty for seven aircraft and maintained a 98.75-percent maintenance effective rate for 80 sorties and over 100 hours.

Whaling oversaw the aggressive Air Force computer network migration, coordinating maintenance group computer upgrades with 100-percent compliance. She completed her Master's Degree and two Community College of the Air Force degrees, exemplifying self-improvement and setting the standard for her fellow Airmen. Whaling also dedicates her time to the community and various volunteer programs to include the Salvation Army giving tree where she collected over 100 items for families in need.

Major General Chester E. McCarty Award - Logistics
Technical Sergeant Colin Carr, 173rd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Carr acted as the fuel shop superintendent (a Senior Master Sergeant position) for nine months, successfully leading an understaffed flight during total force integration resulting in a 33-percent operational increase. He supervised over 6.6-million gallons of fuel, issued and received 2,257 lab samples, and 3,749 accounting transactions. Carr efficiently issued 405,427 gallons of fuel to home station and transient aircraft, supporting 269 flying sorties.

Dedicated to self-improvement, Carr completed Non-Commissioned Officer Academy in residence where he was selected as a distinguished graduate. Car is actively involved in the local community overseeing a 12 member team that that rejuvenated the historic 133 year old Greenbrier Cemetery and led a POW/MIA vigil run raising $1,200 for the Air Force Sergeants Association. He donated eight hours to Operation School Bell, helping over 200 underprivileged children purchase school clothes, and volunteered four hours during the Sterns Elementary School Open House.