Kingsley Field Guardsmen maintain medical readiness to remain effective and deployable

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Penny Snoozy
  • 173rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Air National Guard members at Kingsley Field have been directed to make their individual health a priority.

The 173rd Fighter Wing Medical Group is a picture of frenetic activity on a drill weekend. On Saturday, members flood the clinic for various health concerns, but many are there to fulfill annual health requirements. Blood draws, vaccinations, and health assessments are a few of the vital services provided by the clinic on a daily basis.

However, it is every Airman's responsibility to know their health status and visit the clinic when they are due for medical readiness items.

According to Lt. Col. Eric Chumbley, 173rd MDG, "Kingsley Field consistently out performs the rest of the Air National Guard."

As of Feb. 7, the 173rd FW is maintaining an overall individual medical readiness rate that is 5.1% higher than ANG, 3.3% higher than Air Education Training Command, and 1.2% higher than their Active Duty counterparts.

Chumbley is responsible for tracking Kingsley Field's Individual Medical Readiness. "With the Air National Guard's responsibility to the state, members can be called to support natural disasters or humanitarian efforts at any moment. If our Guardsmen aren't medically cleared to respond to these events, all of their skills become unusable," said Chumbley.

Airmen can stay aware of their medical status by visiting "My IMR" found as a link listed on the Air Force Portal or at On this site members can view their overall status and prepare to update any medical items that have come due. Using these tools every Airman can be prepared to activate and use their skills when the need arises.