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  • Kingsley selected for F-35 FTU

    The high, fluctuating trill of a bald eagle pierces the quiet calm of a crisp morning in Klamath Falls. After several notes, its cry is replaced with the roar of another Eagle, the F-15C, ripping through the blue sky at supersonic speed.It is a scene at once familiar and short-lived for residents of

  • Hope in the midst of chaos

    Going into the year of 2020, everyone always says this will be the best year yet or this is the year to really crush some goals. However, 2020 had something totally different in store for all of us.

  • Delivery de Comida y Agua

    Airmen from the 270th and 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron provided community support to those affected by Hurricane Maria during a deployment to Ponce, Puerto Rico in October.