173rd Fighter Wing will conduct night flying operations

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The 173rd Fighter Wing will conduct night flying operations April 14-17, 2014 between approximately 9 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. 


Night flying is one part of the course curriculum for F-15 student pilots at Kingsley Field.


"Night flying is a critical skill which our students need to learn to be effective war fighters," said Col. Jeremy Baenen, 173rd Fighter Wing commander.  "We understand the disruption to the community during night flying weeks, but we try our best to minimize the noise impact." 


Most of the training will occur in the military operating airspace to the east of Lakeview, where the pilots can fly without any lights.  However the community will most likely hear the jets during take-offs and approaches to and from Kingsley Field.  Takes-off will occur after sundown and the jets will return approximately one-and-one-half hours later.


"We train our students to fly with night vision goggles in a completely lights-out environment," said Col Baenen.  "We teach them how to read instruments, employ weapons and refuel all while wearing NVGs. It's because of this training that United States Air Force has the advantage over our enemies."


Community members may contact the Wing's Public Affairs office at 541-885-6677 to express any concerns they have during this time.