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  • 173rd Fighter Wing structural innovation helps keep aircraft aloft

    For years structural maintainers have emerged as artisans of sorts, creating parts by hand, meticulously shaping them from custom wood forms and delicate hand-tool work. Gently tapping away with a small hammer, slowly giving shape to a sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum so it will slide into the tight confines of an F-15 fuselage with an expected tolerance of .005 of an inch. Today that process is seeing a revolution at the 173rd Fighter Wing.
  • Structural maintenance shop wins the 173rd Maintenance Squadron “Top Shop” award

    The 173rd Structural Maintenance shop won the Maintenance Squadron’s Top Shop award for their hard work over the last six months, from July to December 2020. This is the shop’s first time winning since the Top Shop award was created in 2017.