Miles "Batkid" Scott becomes pilot for a day

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jefferson Thompson
  • 173rd Fighter Wing

The exploits of a local "superhero", Batkid, continued when Miles Scott, call sign,"Batkid", reported for duty at the 173rd Fighter Wing as part of the Pilot for a Day program. 

He donned the uniform of an F-15 pilot to include helmet, mask, and at one point even night vision goggles. Instructor pilot Maj. Richard Giampietri escorted he and his family to watch take-offs up-close and personal, sat Batkid in the cockpit of a jet, and introduced him to crew chief Tech. Sgt. Cliff Rutledge and other maintenance personnel.

Miles, a Tulelake, Calif. native, earned his call sign Nov. 15, 2013 on an historic day for the City of San Francisco and a young boy from the Klamath Basin. That was the day a new superhero emerged--Batkid, the sidekick to the older Batman.

The day was a special one for him and his parents Nick and Natalie in large part because Miles was there on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He became Batkid that day, but for his parents the special part was simply having Miles there at all after battling leukemia for several years.

At eighteen months he was diagnosed with the blood cancer, and in June 2013 he received his last chemo treatment; now doctors have pronounced him in remission.

Giampetri commissioned Batkid to serve a mission fit for a superhero; namely, to thwart a plan by super-villains The Riddler and Joker, who planned to use stolen Russian MiGs to wreak havoc on the world at large.

After his training across places like the parachute shop and Aircrew Flight Equipment, Miles was ready to face the villains and stepped into the 173rd Fighter Wing F-15 Simulator for his mission. He emerged victorious and with a wide smile

The 114th Fighter Squadron at Kingsley Field hosts the Fighter Pilot for a Day program, which brings children to the base to experience "a-day-in-the-life" of a Kingsley pilot. The Squadron began a new outreach in late 2009.