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  • Local airport policies adapt to growing drone popularity

    The regulations associated with unmanned aircraft systems, better known as drones, are constantly changing in a struggle to keep up with their increasing popularity, availability and proliferation. Drone operations now include responsibilities related to that of manned flight and stiff penalties for operators who deviate from those
  • Anatomy of ingenuity and resourcefullness: Kingsley Airman leverages fabrication background to keep F-15s airborne

    KINGSLEY FIELD, Ore. -- What keeps the oldest fighter aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory airborne? The trend is increasing ingenuity and resourcefulness.Picture a muscle car, vintage 1978, and what it would mean to take that car to the quarter-mile track and ask for every last ounce of power and torque possible from its engine, running the
  • Good, bad, ANG members influence community opinion with #selfies

    Air National Guard members should use discretion when taking and sharing self-portraits.With the rise of technology and social media, sharing photos with family and friends is easier than ever. But when using social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat the self-portrait, or "selfie" reigns supreme.If you have a smart phone, you are taking
  • Incoming Commander introduces himself to Wing

    As I attend my first drill weekend as an Oregon guardsman, I look forward to meeting and getting to know you over the next few months. All of you, Airman and civilian, have a well-deserved reputation for providing selfless service to our Nation and the state of Oregon.  I am extremely proud and honored to join you as a member of this great wing.As
  • F-15 maintenance; the relationship between jet and maintainer

    The life of a 173rd Fighter Wing maintainer at Kingsley Field, Oregon has fundamental qualities; first off you will be busy...really busy. The base routinely prepares 12 jets on a given day so 10 can fly in the morning and eight of those can fly in the afternoon. Every morning this creates a beehive of activity as numerous shops tend to the care of
  • Heads up: major, new inspection here in September

    Welcome to the new Air Force Inspection System! Most of you have heard this acronym, but maybe were not quite certain what it meant. Some have said, "It's the same thing we've been doing for years", "Inspections are inspections no matter what new spin you put on it", or "We're having an inspection in September, I better get ready!" If you are one
  • 173rd expands education opportunities

    Good news everybody, viable educational opportunities have returned to the Klamath Basin that can be used towards the completion of a Community College of the Air Force degree! The Air Force has included an additional standard for promotion for the grades of E-8 & 9 to include the CCAF Associate's Degree. This change goes into effect in October of
  • 173rd Medical readiness highest in Nation

    KINGSLEY FIELD, Ore. -- Military member are required to complete certain medical requirements each year in order to ensure readiness for war. Individual Medical Readiness, otherwise known as IMR, consists of the following items: preventative health assessment (PHA), laboratory tests, immunizations, dental exams, profiles, and medical equipment,
  • Memorial Day: What does it mean to you?

    What does Memorial Day mean for you? For many, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. We fire our grills up and plan trips to the lake--there is palpable excitement as we discuss how to spend the extra-long weekend. But Memorial Day is much more."Memorial Day is a time to reflect on those who have come before us and the sacrifices they
  • Professional Military Education changes

    For those of us with more than a few years of military experience under our belts, we've seen drastic changes in the Air Force Professional Military Education program over the years. However, nothing compares to the upheaval that has occurred in the last two years. Air Force PME has undergone a bit of an identity crisis; a result of many changes in