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  • A look back at Kingsley Field's ORANG history

    World War II thrust a number of seminal changes upon the United States. Its economy leapt from the stagnation of the Great Depression to a wartime footing, fighting to produce adequate military hardware to win the war. Its citizenry signed up for the draft in droves, and women flocked to roles in factories, in military training capacities, and in
  • B-Course series: Capt. Alexander Frank's journey to the Eagle

    Capt. Alexander Frank, of class 16-ABK, finds his way to Kingsley Field in a much more indirect route than most. Like a river which flows through the lowest points in the terrain, Frank says he traveled the course of least resistance through school which found him with a mediocre grade-point-average going into his junior year of high school. He
  • Drought reveals Kingsley history for the first time

    Kingsley Field's location in the high desert of southern Oregon, with its mixture of sunny days and proximity to the west coast, made it home to a frantic effort to train fighter pilots during WWII. In those days, the small base sent as many as 2,000 flights from the base in a single week. Compare that to the modern era of flying, and though